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A Spoonplugging Trip
with Buck Perry

by Buck Perry

Many fishermen express their desire to go with me on a personal fishing trip. Since this is physically impossible, let's take a short Web fishing trip together where we'll run through some basics of Spoonplugging.

Bass UnderwaterAs we begin our imaginary fishing trip, the first thing to note is that our efforts are going to be directed toward largemouth bass. Some of you may not primarily fish for bass, but this is the rascal we must learn to catch. If we do, we will catch not only bass, but other species as well. (A fish, is a fish, is a fish.)

Most likely when we arrive at the dock and ask, "How's the fishing?" The reply will be, "You should have been here last week."

But, we're not interested in last week's fishing, we're only interested in fishing today. The good news is that even with just a quick glance at the water, I know exactly where the fish are in the lake we are about to fish. They are either in the shallows, in the deepest water in the area, or somewhere in between.

Now, this always brings a howl of laughter, and it must sound stupidly amusing. But later you should understand this statement. If not, you have missed the meaning of Spoonplugging.

Spoonplugging includes knowledge of fish, its habits, and its reactions to stimuli. It also involves presentation of lures in the correct manner. By controlling our lures to take advantage of the knowledge of fish habits, we will locate the fish and make them strike.

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